UNIQ-United Nurses of India Qatar

UNIQ is an association for our Indian nurse's here in Qatar Health sector aiming to foster the professional relationship and to promote social and cultural activities by strictly following the laws and regulations of Qatar.

UNIQ is the one & only  professional association in Qatar, that associates with IBPC under the agesis of Indian Embassy. UNIQ is the first affiliated Indian Nurse's Association among other Foreign countries structured with the  30 Executive Members and more than 200 General Body members.

Aim & objectives.

1) To provide a unique platform for UNIQ members and their families  to cultivate and widen friendship among the members through arts, literature, culture programs, sports and educational supports by strictly abiding the laws and regulations of Qatar.
2) To organize  & conduct seminars and workshops to increase the awareness of nursing among the other professionals in the healthcare sector in Qatar.
3) To enlighten and promote the professional relationship with other professional  organizations in Qatar.
4) To organize fellowship and awards to the  members for their outstanding achievement in Nursing.
5) To organize various CNE programs for the members to achieve their CPD points to maintain the QCHP licensure. And Career Framework assistance is also one of our prime objective.
6) To uplift the honor & dignity of the nursing profession. And also to promote the cooperation  among the members.
7) To do everything possible for the betterment of Indian expatriate community under the aegis of Embassy of India and IBPC.
8) To undertake community health awareness activities by adhering the law.
The UNIQ will also defend the Indian culture in all its meanings, with mutual respect, coexistence and human well-being. Be UNIQ to Serve Lives


Mini Siby
Sabid Pambadi
Muhammed Ameer
Dileesh Bargavan
Mini Benny
Nizar Cheruvath
Luthfi Kalamban
Saleena Koolath
Smitha Deepu
Bijo Baby
Hilal M M Kunju
Merlin Vinod
Ashna Shafeeq


Sandeep PC
Jobin Panicker
Sanu Gopi
Lakshmi Nair
Jancy Reji
Tijo Kurian
Joji Vazhiyil Chacko
Sini Appu
Suneethi M.S
Niyas Kasimkuty
Salah Pattani
Bindu Mathew
Rensy Thomas
Sajeer Chettiam Veettil
Mohammed Salim PK
Irshad Ali Challappurath
Jinu Idikkula
Elizabeth Antony
Shemi Asim