"UNIQ Newsletter 2024 Unveiled in a Grand Ceremony at IBPC Qatar"

In a dazzling event held at IBPC Qatar on January 13, 2024, IBPC Qatar President Mr. Jaffar Us Sadik officially launched the eagerly awaited UNIQ Newsletter 2024. The program, presided over by UNIQ President Mr. Luthfi Kalamban and Ms. Sini Appu, marked a significant milestone for the organization.

The UNIQ Editorial Wing Lead, Ms. Sini Appu, promised readers a journey into innovative ideas, inspiring stories, and valuable insights, emphasizing the theme of "where compassion meets uniqueness." General Secretary Ms. Bindu Linson took the stage to express her appreciation for the entire team, commending their dedication and hard work in successfully bringing forth the second edition of the newsletter.

The artistic and engaging design of the newsletter is credited to UNIQ Student Wing Lead Ms. Sneha Thomas, who worked under the guidance of UNIQ Media Wing. The collaborative effort between these wings ensured a visually appealing and informative publication.

Treasurer Mr. Dileesh Bhargavan concluded the program with a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the efforts of everyone involved in the creation of the newsletter. The UNIQ Newsletter 2024 is expected to captivate readers with its unique blend of content, reflecting the ethos of compassion and individuality.